Detergents & Descalers

Detergents / Descalers

BFS Detergent/sterilizer

food grade is a unique blend of chemicals for hot washing enclosed bulk milk tanks and dairy equipment. It has been formulated to work in lukewarm water at 30 - 50 degrees. 350mls of detergent is enough for 45ltrs of water. This product also contains a scale inhibitor, which is very beneficial in hard water areas, and helps keep the inside of your tank as new. BFS Detergent/Sterilizer has been tested by Moorepark so you know you will be using a top quality product. You can be sure of a low total bacteria count (TBC) all year round with BFS Detergent. For best results use in conjunction with BFS Descaler.



BFS Descaler

is a unique food grade acid descaler. BFS Descaler has proven itself to be unbeatable at keeping bulk tanks and milking equipment in spotless condition for over 20 years. It is made to ISO9002 standards. BFS Descaler even works on farms where lime or iron is a problem in the water supply and other descalers haven't been eff ective. In the current economic climate it's more important than ever to have top quality effective products washing your bulk tanks and milking equipment. This will help you maximise your profits. For best results use this descaler in conjunction with BFS Detergent/Sterilizer.


BFS Coldwash

is a caustic based powder detergent for use in milking parlours. BFS Coldwash is made from a high grade caustic and has been a consistently reliable product for dairy farmers for 20 years. BFS Coldwash can also be used in hot water with the addition of a small amount of Hypochlorite for once a week hot washing. BFS Coldwash is recommended by Mueller. It is developed to the highest standards and has proven itself over the years.





Hydrosan Plus

is a caustic based powder specially formulated for use both in soft and hard water areas.It is primarily a cold water wash but can also be used in hot water. Hydrosan Plus can also be purchased in liquid form. Care should be taken when handling the concentrate as it is toxic and corrosive. It should not be used on metal equipment other than stainless steel.


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