Health and Handling

Health and Handling Equipment

Phillips Automatic Drenchers - available in various sizes

Prima Adjustable Injection guns

Nitrile, latex, Handling, Workwear, Welding, Thermo & Gardening Gloves

Equi-care, Poultry Care & Drinker

Horn Up Calf De-Horner.

Simple quick and efficient compact rechargeable dehorner. Fully charged battery allows for 40 heads.Service life up to 30,000 dehornin.

Express Gas Calf De-Horner Portable gas dehorner reaches 700 degrees Celsius in 3 - 4 mins. Gas canister lasts 3 – 5 hours. Complete with practical metal case & 2 gas canisters.

Calor Gas De-Horner Robust constructed traditional gas dehorner with approx 190 cm of heavy duty hose. Will work on Butane or Propane Gas.

Calving Jacks, Ropes, Calf Teeths, Milk Socks


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