Supplements - Yeast




Biosprint, the “new generation” yeast. It is a live yeast which is proven to improve live weight gain and increase both milk and beef production. It works on the basis that it will increase dry matter intake by stabilising the pH of the rumen. When the rumen pH is stabilised it stimulates forage digesting bacteria which digest the food in the rumen quicker thus increasing intake.















The main benefits in dairy are: Boosts yield by up to 2lts per day Increased protein yield Reduced weight loss in early lactation Feeding rates 40-50 grams per head per day










The main benefits in beef are: 9% increase in live-weight gain 6% increase in carcass quality Reduced acidosis 5.7% improved feed conversation Feeding rates for finishing cattle 25 grams per head per day. Stores & Growing Cattle 16-17 grams per head per day.























Biosprint is available is a handy 25kg farm pack size, and can be classed as an essential component especially in a home mixing situation.