Garden & Pet Care


Whether its starting a new garden, flower bed or vegetable patch or maintaining the ones you have already established, Drummonds can supply you with the products required. We have lawnseed, flower and vegetable seeds and a complete range of Bord na Mona composts to prepare the seed bed for whatever you intend to grow.

We stock a number of different feeds and fertilizers for your lawn, shrubs, vegetables and flowers.

In order to keep your garden area free from unwanted disease, weeds and moss we provide a range of different chemicals and weed killers. Depending on what and where you are looking to treat, we have the right treatment to;

  • Remove weeds from lawns
  • Remove unwanted grass and weeds from plant beds
  • Treat vegetables for problems such as Blight in Potatoes
  • Remove Moss and scum on paved and patio areas
  • Kill slugs which feed in your garden

In order to use these products effectively and safely we stock equipment specifically for the application of chemicals and fertilizers. We also have all your garden accessory and tool needs;

  • Knapsack sprayers
  • Broadcast spreaders
  • Water hose and fittings
  • Forks, shovels and hoes
  • Stakes and ties











Pet Care

To most people your pet is part of your family and you like to treat them as so. From your dogs and cats to the birds outside on the trees we provide the feed, bedding solutions, handling equipment and health products. We stock a variety of different dog and cat feeds Top Dog , Winner, Beta, Feedwell and Star. Most of these nut types have their own specific area be it Puppy, Adult, Working and even the sensitive Dog. As well as the nuts we also stock the canned foods, Winalot, with a variety of flavours for your dog. We stock GO cat nuts in 10kg and 2kg. Even for the bird inside and out we have a range of bird seed, peanuts and feeders for them especially for during the cold winter when food is not readly available to the wild bird. In store you will find all sizes and type of dog and cat beds. Soft luxurious cushions to tough robust beds. To accompany these we have a selection of feeding bowls and litter trays to keep your pets happy and comfortable.


Drummonds retail stores also stock a variety of handling and health products to keep your pet safe and healthy. We have a selection of leads, collars, muzzles and kennnels, and to be able to give your dog the freedom of your garden but not to have a big ugly fence we stock Radio Controlled Pet Fence which works with a collar and a small wire placed out of sight under your garden. In order to keep your pets healthy we stock a variety of lice and flea preventative products as well as wormers which should be given to your pets at regular intervals.



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