Milk Max Dairy 20% : Formulated ration directed towards the high yielding herd.Milk Max Dairy 20% - For the High Yielding Herd

  • Maintain condition on high yielders in early and mid lactation
  • Suitable for the winter milk herd to compliment grass silage.
  • Quality protein & energy sources from Hi Pro soya, rolled barley and maize.
  • Mineral pack as a fertility booster.

Dairy Cattle feeding on maize silage

Maize Balancer 25% : Formulated be fed with maize silage

  • Hi Pro Soya is the main protein driver
  • Pulps & hulls provide fibre source to maintain good rumen function.
  • Specific mineral pack to compensate specific deficiencies in maize silage.
  • Contains Cal Mag

Note : Protein balancer ranges available from 25% to 28% crude protein

Quota Manager 15% : Maintain herd condition / limit potential super levy

  • High levels of digestible fibre to maintain optimal rumen function.
  • Contains native cereals and quality protein sources.
  • Mineral pack

Heifer Developer 20% :Formulated for the high potential yielding heifer.

  • Specifically formulated for the dairy heifer
  • Ensures growth of the young animal.
  • Ensured optimal rumen development.
  • Specific mineral pack.
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