Dairy Cattle on Silage MaizeMaize / Protein Balancers : Designed for feeding with low protein forages

  • High protein contents available, 24% & 25%
  • Designed to be fed with maize silage
  • Specific mineral pack tailored for feeding with maize silage
  • Balanced with digestible fibres.
  • Generous quantities of Hi Pro soya as a protein source

Milk Max 18% : Designed as an all year round cube to ensure max milk yield

  • Contains native cereals , hi – pro soya & digestible fibres.
  • Balanced cube to meet nutritional requirements of the dairy herd.
  • Maintain body condition and promote fertility of the herd.
  • Specific mineral pack.

Elite Hi UFL Dairy 18% : High Energy dairy nut aimed at early to mid lactation

  • Quality protein sources from Hi Pro Soya & Distillers.
  • Minimise weight loss in early lactation
  • Maintain body condition & limit fertility issues.
  • Balanced with digestible fibres and native cereals & maize
  • Specific mineral pack.

Super Dairy 20% : High Energy dairy nut aimed at the high yielding herd

  • Energy sources from native cereals and maize
  • Quality protein sources derived from Hi Pro Soya & Distillers
  • Energy and protein balanced to achieve maximium yield.
  • Energy and protein balanced to maintain body condition on a demanding yield.
  • Specific mineral pack.

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