Drummonds Trials

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 Arable Trials

Drummonds operate their their own independent arable trials programme, focusing on cereals and oilseed rape. The trials are fully replicated and professionaly managed and are used to test the complete range of commercialy available cereal and oilseed varieties. They also act to evaluate new lines of cereals and oilseeds submited to us by EU plant breeders, their performance is evaluated prior to submission into the official Department of Agriculture testing programmes.

The trials evaluate a full range of husbandry factors including:

  • Establishment techniques
  • Seed treatments
  • Optimum seeding rates
  • Crop nutrition
  • Plant growth regulation
  • Fungicide and herbicide performance

Drummonds trials, together with DAFM and HGCA multi site data, form the basis of our agronomy service for growers. Growers are always welcome to visit our trial site, this can be arranged by contacting any of the staff at the our Drogheda office.

Trial Site

Drummonds are the only independent merchant in Ireland with their own dedicated trial site.
We use this trial site to avail our agronomists and customers full access to the newest technologies in terms of cereal and OSR varieties, along with the newest chemistry available to tillage farmers in terms of fungicides and herbicides.
We have over 150 varieties of cereals on trial each year. We use replicated plots to give us accurate results. The information obtained from these plots are invaluable to our agronomists as it helps to identify different variety traits such as, straw height, straw strength and disease susceptibly. Armed with this information our team can confidently advise growers how to maximise yields from their crops.

Drummonds have been the leaders in OSR production in Ireland for two decades. At present we have 25 varieties in trial. We have used different methods of sowing to see what works best in the north east. Our OSR trials also include a number of nutrition trials. These trials will show optimum timing for major and trace elements at different growth stages of OSR throughout the year. We also conduct trials on different methods of canopy management.
Again all these trials are aimed at our agronomy team making to most informed decisions while out in the field.

Drummonds also have a full barley and wheat replicated fungicide trial site. All new and old chemistry is tested side by side with full statistical results produced at the end of the year. In 2013 we have 90 trials running. These trials are based around our own commercial fungicide programmes using different rates and timings to identify the most cost effective programmes to produce top results for our growers.

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