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Irish Grassland Farms – Producing A World Class Product

Irish grass fed farming systems are internationally recognised as producers of top quality feed products. The fact that our beef and milk is produced off grass is what sets Ireland apart in producing a world famous product. Given the importance of our grassland farms, reseeding is one of the best investments any Irish farmer can make particularly since grass is the cheapest and most productive feed of all for dairy, beef and sheep enterprises.

Why re-seed with Green Acres mixtures?

Premium mixtures that contain only those varieties that have been proven to work under Irish conditions. Our mixtures are formulated in consultation with Teagasc Moorepark and the specially chosen varieties are selected under strict criteria based on their performance in overall yield, spring & autumn growth, digestability and persistency / ground cover.
Guaranteed to Deliver Top Animal Performance over a longer grazing season.
Give Excellent Grass Yields and Superior Feeding Value. A 1% improvement in sward DMD equates to a 5% improvement in animal performance. Moorepark have found that reseeded swards give typically 8% higher milk output per hectare.
Sward persistency and longevity permits higher stocking rates.
Swards are more nutrient efficient - + 25% more responsive to Nitrogen.
Specific Clover Blend for Overseeding.

Prescription Mixtures made to order.

The Green Acres 2015 Range

SWEET BITE – Intensive Grazing Sward. Suits progressive grassland farmers who are looking to extend the grazing season with excellent early spring & late autumn growth.  This specially selected blend of exceptionally high D-Value grasses are 'Top Class' when it comes to palatability, digestibility, yield and persistency.

GOLD BITE – A Dual-Purpose Mix. Green Acres best seller, Gold Bite is a superior, dual purpose mixture specifically formulated to deliver premium quality grazing with a top-yielding high D-value silage cut at the end of May/early June.  Rapid regrowth after cutting produces a leafy highly digestible grazing sward.  This sward will continue to outperform all other swards under good grassland management for at least 10 years.

MEGA BITE – Superior Silage Sward. Suitable for the livestock farmer aiming for at least two cuts of top yielding quality silage year after year.  This mix uses the best conservation varieties with a very compact range of heading dates for ease of management.

HEAVY GROUND – Specialist mixture for Wet Land /  Difficult Soils / Upland Areas. A blend of perennial ryegrasses, timothy and white clover especially chosen for their ability to perform and persist under difficult soil conditions.  All varieties in this mix score well for sward density & winter hardiness which are particularly important features in hill and lowland areas where conditions tend to be cold with high rainfall.

RESTORATOR Overseeding & Sward Renovation Mixture  – A select formulation of ALL tetraploid varieties suitable for overseeding purposes.  As grass quality of the sward can start to deteriorate after a number of years after sowing, overseeding is a cost effective solution to replenishing and maintaining your grass quality and yields.  For top performance, good grazing management is required in order to encourage tillering within the sward..

SUPER GROW General Purpose, Permanent Pasture Mixture.  A very palatable mix designed to produce a quality grazing and silage sward that is easy to manage by livestock farmers requiring permanent pasture.  Super Grow has been tried and tested over many years by Green Acres customers whose loyalty has been built by the success of this mix on their farms.

2015 Department of Agriculture - GRASS & WHITE CLOVER  Recommended List Varieties for Ireland 2015

Teagasc Pasture Profit Index (PPI) 2015

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