This crop is usually sown as a catch crop after winter or spring cereals. It is a very fast growing leafy crop with a high crude protein yield, suitable for sheep or cattle. It is also an ideal catch crop for boosting livestock farmers mid-summer forage production or fattening lambs in autumn/winter. Its also superb for flushing ewes. It will grow well on relatively poor soils and exposed sites. It can be mixed with stubble turnips and makes for an excellent break-crop between grass leys.



  • Digestibility Value 65D
  • Crude Protein 20.00%
  • Metabolisable Energy 10-11MJ/kg DM
  • Rotation Once every 5 years
  • Sow June – September
  • Seeding Rate 4kg / acre Broadcast or 2.5kg/acre Direct Drill
  • Fertiliser Depends on Soil Fertility. 400-500kgs 18.6.12
  • Weed Control Not usually necessary