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The national recommended list for spring cereals was released in January.

Spring Barley: There were no major changes compared to the 2020 list. Disease scores and variety characteristics remain unchanged. Limona has been removed for the 2021 provisional list. At Drummonds, we will be supplying Planet, Arderin and Highway.

Spring Wheat: KWS Chilham is no longer available, and has been removed for 2021. Talisker and Starlight will provide the majority of seed purchased, followed by Hexham which is provisionally recom- mended.

Spring Oats: Keely will not be available this year. Husky winter oats are highly available here at Drummonds.

Spring Beans: Lynx and Fanfare beans are available at Drummonds, which are used to boost the protein content of our coarse rations.

Spring Oilseed Rape: The recommended list for spring oilseed rape has not yet been released.