Liquid Fertiliser has a role to play on both tillage farms and also intensive livestock farms. “N-Rich” is Drummonds top selling liquid fertiliser solution for tillage and grassland farms. Liquid Fertiliser is soil acting and is taken up through plant roots. It is NOT a foliar fertiliser.
The objective is to create large droplets which will run of leaves and enter the soil.

Liquid Nitrogen (N) contains:

  • 50% of N as urea
  • 25% of N as ammonium
  • 25% of N as nitrate
  • Sulphur can also be added

Research has found that the performance of Liquid N can be similar to granular CAN. Just as with granular urea, a urease inhibitor and/or nitrogen stabilizer may be added “to protect” from losses. Over 50% of chemical Nitrogen
(N) used in Ireland is on Irish dairy farms. The use of ‘standard’ granular/prilled urea is to be prohibited by the end of 2023. For best results we recommend using a qualified sprayer operator, experienced in spraying tillage crops. If you own your own sprayer you will need to buy a set of nozzles specifically designed for spraying liquid fertiliser, which Drummonds can supply. Starting off, you do not require your own tank. The qualified sprayer operator/- contractor can collect a load ex. your local Drummonds branch.

Benefits of Liquid Nitrogen:

  • Is a complex compound fertiliser (CCF) i.e. a perfect combination of Nitrogen (N) and Sulphur (S) in every droplet. A completely homogeneous solution.
  • Increased accuracy at headlands, leading to reduced waste, particularly on wider tramlines. An accuracy which spreading conventional granular fertiliser, even with the most modern & sophisticated spreaders, just CANNOT match. As Ireland is governed by small fields and lots of headlands, we can increase our yields off headlands with the use of liquid fertiliser.
  • A wider window for application than solid fertiliser. Applications are NOT as weather dependent when spraying with
    liquid fertiliser. Wind is generally a greater problem when applying granular fertiliser. Liquid fertiliser can be applied with a sprayer even when raining.
  • Uniform application - Consistency of application to the edges of every crop. Also an advantage in a sloping field/hilly farm.
  • Potentially less overlaps / ‘ins’ and ‘outs’.
  • Almost immediately available to your crops even in dry conditions. Granular fertilisers can lie on the soil surface for many days and even weeks during a dry spell. It typically requires 10-15mm of rain to make granules available to crop roots.
  • Reduced wastage of expensive fertilisers. No fertiliser enters ditches/hedges and nearby streams/rivers resulting in cleaner waterways. Kinder to our environment.
  • Increased work rates.
  • Potential to save on fixed costs. Supplied in bulk; eliminating packaging with associated handling & storage advantages. Again, better for our environment.

Is liquid fertiliser suitable for livestock farmers?

Absolutely. The use of liquid nitrogen has given:

  • Higher Protein (%) and improved digestibility (DMD%) of swards meaning better nutritional value and increased utilisation of grass swards on farm.
  • Increased metabolisable energy (M.E. MJ Kg/DM) in the sward leads to improved animal performance.
  • Increases in grass dry matter production.
  • Higher grass growth rates following drought periods.
  • Quicker grass regrowth following application in dry weather.

Liquid Nitrogen