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The Noxious Weed Act of 1936

An occupier may be served with a notice requiring the destruction of the noxious weeds. Failure to comply can result in prosecution or a penalty can be imposed on your single farm payment under the cross-compliance conditions.

Grassland Chemicals

Drummonds are leading suppliers in the North East of selective and non selective herbicides to the grassland market. Grass is Ireland's largest forage crop and as we see a move towards more intensive milk, beef and sheep enterprises maximum output from your grassland is essential. Infestation of weeds such as Docks, Ragworth, Rushes, Thistles & Nettles etc. can restrict grass production as they compete for nutrient and space. Our trained agronomists are experienced in weed identification with which we can identify the right selective herbicide on a case by case basis. We offer advice on product selection, product application rate and timing of application to ensure the best weed control results. We also supply clover safe selective herbicides.

Control weeds in pastures because they:
● Compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water
● Are unpalatable to stock
● Can be poisonous e.g. ragwort or buttercup
● Take over the pasture and left unchecked limit ability to graze
● Can spread to neighbouring properties
● Make pastures look messy, untidy and unkempt.

Herbicide control options

A grassland herbicide will not cure the underlying problems but will help renovate the pasture to a more productive level for a period of time.
Knapsack control works out more cost-effective if weed populations are below 5%
(count number of docks and/or thistles in a 5m x 7m area – this number gives the % weed population).

Choose a product that will deliver a:

● High level of safety so grass growth is unaffected
● Grazing interval that is short so animals can return back to paddocks quickly.


Get more grass from what you’ve got.

We are here at Drummonds to use our experience and expertise to help you the farmer maximise output from your grassland. 

Give us a call at the contact information above to arrange an agronomist to discuss any of your grassland management issues.