Drummonds Ireland

Drummonds was founded by William Drummond in Stirling, Scotland in 1760. Originally sellers of a wide range of seeds, including flowers, vegetable and grass seeds, the company also distributed bulbs and nursery stock. Many years later the Drummond family established a similar business in Ireland with two shops in central Dublin and national distribution for all its products.

In 1972, Drummonds added an agricultural division to its business based in Clonee, trading in grain, fertiliser, chemicals and agricultural seeds. The company, over time, increased its branch network, opening grain intake points at Ardee, Drogheda, Kells, Knockbridge, Dromore and Navan. A seed manufacturing facility was developed at Drogheda and a ruminant feed manufacturing mill at Navan.

Drummonds has over the years initiated a significant capital investment programme and developed the business across a more complete range of product lines, the animal feeds business has been developed and a chain of farm hardware shops added at our existing branches. We have developed excellent relationships with animal feed compounders, oilseed crushers, flour and oat millers and maltsters, allowing the company to develop markets for Irish grain both at home and abroad.

Drummonds agronomists work closely with our farmer customers, advising them on all aspects of crop husbandry. This relationship facilitates the introduction of new varieties, new production techniques with the objectives of improving farm profitability and developing closer trading links with our customers.

Drummonds Seeds

Drummond's core activity is the purchase and marketing of a wide range of grain types. The commodities handled include Feed Grains, Milling Oats, Milling Wheat, Malting Barley, Oilseeds and Pulses. In volume terms Drummonds is among the largest companies purchasing native grain direct from Irish Farmers.

Golden Acres

The Company operates through a network of branches in North Leinster, which act as grain intake and assembly points. They also supply a comprehensive range of agricultural inputs including fertilisers, agrichemicals and animal feeds; their fieldsmen liaise directly with farmers imparting advice on crop and animal nutrition.

Drummonds products are marketed through our own retail outlets, through our sister company's branch network and also through other Agricultural Merchants.