A good winter hardy crop with excellent feeding value that is utilised either by strip grazing or zero grazing. This is a very useful crop for extending the grazing season. Mineral supplementation is necessary if the crop is to be a main part of the animals diet. Be aware that clubroot is a disease threat with this crop so avoid growing kale on any fields which have a history of clubroot. This crop grows best on a well drained, medium loam soil with a pH of 6.0 – 7.0. Sown between Mid-April and July, early sown crops which establish well tend to give the best yields. It is advisable to stagger sowing dates to ensure the crop does not over-mature.



  • Digestibility Value 69D
  • Crude Protein 16-17%
  • Metabolisable Energy 10-11MJ/kg
  • DM Rotation Once every 5 years
  • Sow April - July Seeding Rate 2 – 3kg / acre
  • Fertiliser Depends on Soil Fertility. 100Kg N/Ha, 50kg P/Ha, 100kg K/Ha
  • Weed Control Pre-Emergence.
  • Pests Flea Beetle