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Bull Finisher HM (High Maize)

Our signature top selling ad lib high maize finishing ration. Containing high levels of maize and native cereals to maximise live weight gain and promote rapid muscle growth.

Continental Beef Finisher with VIANDI

Our premium finishing ration ideal for bulls, steers and heifers. Packed with energy dense top feed ingredients to ensure your stock achieve maximum performance.

Beef Grower

A top quality 16% coarse rations formulated for weanlings, stores and all classes of beef cattle to supplement a grass/grass silage diet. This highly palatable ration is perfect for creep feeding your weanlings prior to weaning which will reduce associated stress and maintain liveweight gain.

Beef 15%

Consistently one of our top selling Beef coarse rations. Specially formulated with top quality feed ingredients designed for feeding weanlings and growing cattle. Equally this solid performer has a high energy content and successfully finishes early maturing cattle on a number of our customer’s beef enterprises.