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Spring-born suckler calves will be weaned on many farms over the coming weeks and creep feeding weanlings should be highly considered prior to weaning due the reduced energy level in grass at this time of the year.

weanlings1The creep ration fed to calves should include only top quality ingredients, be dust free, palatable and include minerals.
Drummonds pride ourselves on providing our customers with performance feeds, blended with the highest quality ingredients, at competitive prices.


Advantages Associated With Creep Feeding

  • A strong return on your money - on average 1 kilo extra weight gain for every 5-6kilos of Drummonds Weanling Creep Ration fed
  • Increased liveweight gain (LWG).
  • Reduces cow/calf bond, thus reducing stress at weaning.
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory diseases (pneumonia)

In practice two options exist when it comes to feeding weanlings this back-end.
One includes filling your creep feeder which provides ration/nuts for a number of days. A disadvantage of this method is the large variation in intake you tend to get between individual animals due to bullying etc. The preferred method is to use a conventional trough and to creep graze weanlings ahead of the cows, using a raised electric fence or a creep gate.

Drummonds Weanling Creep Ration is a 16% crude protein ration. Its energy (0.96 UFL) comes from cereals,(native rolled barley and maize). Fully balanced for protein and fibre and fortified with minerals and vitamins.

Feeding rate guidelines for weanlings:
Start your animals on 0.5kilo daily and gradually build bulls up to 3kilos and heifers to 2kilos within 10 days. Export-quality stock can be fed 4kilos and 3kilos respectively. It may pay to feed export quality stock higher levels of feed.