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Back in autumn 2018 Drummonds introduced our ‘All Irish Beef Finisher’ coarse ration which contained ONLY Irish-grown cereals and pulses.

All Irish Beef Finisher a 12% Crude Protein finisher ration with a net energy content (UFV), on a fresh weight basis, of 0.96. 95% of the ingredients in this ration are grown locally ie. grown in the same townslands and parishes, by professional tillage farmers, to feed to the cattle, cows and sheep farmed by their neighbours.

The ingredients are Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats, Rolled Field Beans and Rolled Wheat. Molasses along with a top quality Beef Mineral plus buffer are included to promote top rumen function and ultimately animal performance. This ration retails at €249 bulk blown delivered.

Customer feedback on this ration is hugely positive and we are confident that this ration is performing every bit as good as a ration containing high levels of imported maize and imported proteins. We fully recognise that maize as a feed ingredient works especially well in an ad-lib/high concentrate feeding system; while in a conventional beef finishing system where grass silage/maize silage forms the backbone of the diet, supplementation with a number of kilos of our ‘All Irish Beef Finisher’ ration delivers excellent animal performance. A carefully formulated ration, built on Irish cereals and pulses, performs every bit as good in the more typical beef finishing systems found on the vast majority of Irish farms, when compared to a ration containing imported maize and proteins – GM containing feed ingredients – will do.

This season we have added a second Coarse Beef Ration to the ‘Irish’ range:

Irish Beef Rearer Plus a 15% Crude Protein ration designed for feeding to weanlings, yearlings and growing cattle. This ration contains Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats, Rolled Field Beans and Rolled Wheat. However in order to deliver the additional protein required by younger, growing cattle we have included Rapeseed. The rapeseed we are using is of EU origin; is GM-free; and is in pelleted rather than meal form. This ration also contains molasses, a top quality Beef Mineral as well as a proven buffer to help minimise the risk of digestive upsets due to the high cereal/starch content. The Net Energy content (UFV) of this ration, on an as fed basis, is 0.95. N.B. ALL ingredients contained in this ration are GM-free. This ration retails at €257 per tonne bulk blown delivered. 

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