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BeefWith the way things have been going in the beef industry over the last few months any opportunity to avail of additional funding in the sector has to be welcomed but more importantly claimed. Animals eligible for payment under the BEEP are suckler calves (beef sire x beef dam) born from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. The suckler cow and her calf must be weighed on the same day and must be weighed individually. Scales can be purchased from your local Drummonds Branch.

The Ideal Time to Weigh Calves

Calves Born Between

      Optimum Weighing Period

1st July 18 – 30th Sept 18

      March – April 2019

1st Oct 18 – 31st Dec 18

       May – July 2019

1st Jan 19 – 31st March 19

      July – Sept 2019

1st April 19 – 30th June 19

      Sept – 31st Oct (Note Deadline 1st Nov 19)

Note: Deadline for weighing cows and calves in 1st November 2019