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Drummonds policy is to produce quality ruminant (beef, dairy, sheep) feeds at our Bord Bia & UFAS accredited Feed Mill at Navan. We aim to optimize the inclusion of quality, locally-grown feed ingredients, thereby supporting tillage growers in the north-east, & simultaneously delivering unrivalled animal performance to our livestock farming customers. Our qualified and experienced Technical Sales Advisors are available to provide solid feeding (management) advice & tips.
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Quality Assured Ingredients
Quality Assured

Coarse feeds are manufactured under licence from the Department of Agriculture and in addition our Navan Feed Mill is accredited by both UFAS and Bord Bia.

At Drummonds our policy is to consistently offer top quality, high performance feeds which include ONLY 'the premier league' of proven feed ingredients.

• We are proud to declare that we include ALL locally – grown cereals and pulses (Beans & Peas) in our feeds, in support of tillage farmers in the North East, and to ensure our livestock customers achieve maximum animal performance and thrive.

• Drummonds does NOT purchase imported barley or wheat for inclusion in our feeds. Our grain stores are filled with locally grown cereals which form the backbone of our own coarse rations. Equally we sell the grain we buy from our customers at harvest to discerning feed compounders who are keen to support native grain & to promote the sustainability of their feeds.

Best Cost’ formulated feeds (as against the wider industry standard of manufacturing ‘Least Cost’ feeds), which are brimful of only wholesome, nutritious ingredients, judiciously formulated, using the most up to date nutrition research, to deliver TOP ANIMAL PERFORMANCE.

We do NOT include palm kernel, sunflower and wheat feed / pollard in our rations, ingredients which are low in energy but are relatively cheap. We believe a farmer is far better off feeding a reduced level of high quality feed rather than feeding a higher level of a lower energy feed.

Energy Feeds

Rolled barley
Rolled Barley

One of the most common energy feeds offered to livestock. It is seen as an international standard in ruminant nutrition and forms the basis of the French feed evaluation system (UFL/UFV). 1 UFL/UFV is equivalent to 1Kg of standard air dried barley.

Rolled Wheat
Rolled Wheat

Has a similar energy value to rolled barley and is also high in starch.

Ground/Flake Maize
Ground/Flaked Maize

An energy rich, highly digestible and palatable feed providing an excellent source of 'slowly fermentable' starch.

Other energy feeds used include Megalac.

Protein Feeds

Other protein feeds include, rapeseed meal pellets, wheat distiller pellets, wheat gluten, maize gluten and maize distillers.
Hipro Soya
Hipro Soya

Vitally important source of protein for the world’s livestock. It the most protein - rich feed available (48% CP) for ruminants and acts as a standard against which other feeds are compared.

Field Beans
Field Bean

are highly nutritious with an ME higher than that of Barley and a Crude Protein content varying from 24% to 28%. The starch content of beans breaks down slower in the rumen than that of cereals, thereby providing a gentler outflow of nutrients in the animal’s digestive system. This is particularly important in high cereal diets.

Beet Pulp Nuts
Beet Pulp Nuts

An energy rich, highly digestible and palatable feed providing an excellent source of 'slowly fermentable' starch.

Other energy feeds used include Megalac.

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Further Information

If you have any queries on aspects of feeding or wish to discuss your individual feed requirements

just call one of our Drummonds Technical advisors who will be delighted to help.
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