Drummonds Ltd

Gates and Feeders

Drummonds stock an extensive range of Gates, feeders and barriers manufactured by both Fox Bros. and Gibney Engineering.


Heavy & Medium Strength, Full & Half Mesh, Automatic & Semi Automatic Crush Gates, Heavy Field Gate, Full Mesh Field Gate.

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Automatic Crush Gate, 2' 6” Hay Rack & 4' Calf Calf Creep Gate*Calving Gate, Gate Trough



Silage Feed Barriers, Circular Feeders, Concrete Feed Barriers, Meal Troughs & Creep Feeders, 24 Space Circular Feeder 4' 6” high Feed Barrier Selection of Feed Troughs,


8' x 6' Calf Creep Feeder Self Locking Feed Barrier8' x 5' Lamb Creep Feeder


Due to the nature of these products it is impossible to stock the full range provided by these Engineering companies but all of the products are available to order.

Please contact your local Drummonds branch for further information.