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 Drummonds Equine Brochure DL s1 2021

 Green Acres equine mixtures are designed to overcome the problems associated with pastures grazed and utilised by horses.

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Maintaining Your Paddocks

  • Do not over graze or over stock paddocks - keep a minimum stocking rate of one horse per 1.5 acres.
  • Rotate the confined area of grazing to maintain adequate grass cover. Use of electric fencing can subdivide pastures into smaller acreages. Good grassland management is also a critical element in parasite control for your horse.
  • Graze younger stock separately from older horses.
  • Keep paddocks clean of manure droppings as much as possible.
  • Keep paddocks weed free as certain plants are highly toxic to equines eg. ragwort.
  • Mixed grazing with cattle or sheep can help clean pastures due to their differing grazing habits.
  • Topping can also help control worm populations in warm weather.
  • Using fertiliser helps to keep paddocks in good condition, however grass must be grazed regularly to ensure that bursts of growth do not occur, as these can lead to conditions such as laminitis or colic.
  • Always have a constant supply of clean fresh water from a safe, horse-friendly source.
  • Ensure that fencing is secure and has no sharp protruding edges.



  1. Best time to sow: Mid March to early June and August to mid September when the soil is both warm and damp.
  2. Do a soil test every 5 years to estimate your fertiliser requirements.
  3. Prepare the Site for sowing. Remove all weeds with glyphosate and clean the area of any large stones and rubble.Check drainage for water logging and cultivate to a depth of 6 inches.
  4. Grade and level the site.
  5. Apply lime and a granular fertiliser according to your soil test results.
  6. Calculate the quantity of seed required.
  7. Sow the seed and follow by rolling to create a firm seed bed. Rolling is particularly important when conditions are dry.


Prescription Mixtures made to order.
If you wish to discuss the design of a customised equine mixture, please speak directly with our specialists in Drummonds Drogheda. Tel 041 983 8986



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